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Thank you to all those patients who participated in the latest questionnaire.

Our PPG Report


The practice’s Patient Participation Group (PPG) was established in August 2009 and the participants were recruited by searches on the GP clinical system alongside successful advertising within the surgery.


The demographical parameters of the PPG act as a representative voice for all social groups within the practice population and has successfully recruited a sample group which takes into account variants within ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.


The practice is committed to accepting more patients onto the PPG board.


A Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) template was brought to the PPG committee in June 2012 in light of initiating a PSQ which addresses areas for possible improvement.


The following were agreed with our PPG as priority areas for audit:

  • Continuity of care / GP of preference
  • ‘Bedside manner’ of clinician
  • Appointments running on time

Upon establishing an agreed PSQ with the PPG, the practice initiated a PSQ audit in July 2012. The PSQ was offered to every patient at both Briton Street GP Surgery and Westcotes GP Surgery between the 16th July and the 20th July 2012.


The July 2012 PSQ results were discussed at the August 2012 PPG committee meeting and overall, our PPG was happy with the results but felt the key areas for audit required further action.


The following action plans were created following the direction of the PPG:


Area 1

Continuity of care


Action Plan 1

To ensure all receptionists are trained to offer a GP of preference & perform a look back exercise through patient records to see the last clinician the patient consulted with.


Area 2

Bedside manner


Action Plan 2

Although it was agreed GPs are under pressure from robust consultation schedules, it should be reiterated by management that bedside manner is paramount


Area 3

Appointments running on time


Action Plan 3

Receptionists to be trained to let patients know upon arrival if the GP is running slightly behind schedule.


The above action plans were implemented at both Briton Street GP Surgery and Westcotes GP Surgery following the August 2012 PPG committee meeting.

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